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    Out-of-character RP-planning.
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    Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:00 pm
    Monty Reinhardt Montgomery Johnson Reinhardt
  • Rakhmetium

    Rakhmetium is an ancient and influencial kingdom. For the past sixty years, however, it has been under the oppresive rule of the evil Emperor Solidir, who tried to rename it the "Moon Empire" and twist it into his own sick image. The new king, Shamad Rolfe, is struggling to restore honor to his nation. It is a region of dense jungles, but it is civilized and home to great cities.
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  • Omnikar Plains

    The name is misleading; these plains are far from flat. The Cosmic War lifted great chunks of earth into the air, dug huge trenches through the ground, and twisted the landscape into bizzare shapes. However, it is a wide, open country, home to great buffalo heards which are hunted by the nomadic Omnik tribe. Unfortunately, it is unfested with Lunans, monsters created as soldiers for Emperor Solidir that, upon his death, went mad and now rampage across the countryside.
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    Tue Sep 21, 2010 5:26 pm
    Prince Xannder The Wilderness
  • Apongan Coast

    The Marble City, Aeleon is a city of legendary beauty and hosts the University, Letalium's greatest center of learning. Now, however, Aeleon is under siege by the army of Narmer Apep, one of Emperor Solidir's former Witch-Generals. The brave leader of the city guard, Captain Saleos, has converted the heart of the University into a combat headquarters. The farming and fishing villages in the surrounding countryside are being looted by Apep's army for food and other resouces.
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